Time To Breakthrough - Helping You Overcome Mental Blocks


"Time To Breakthrough" is a track designed specifically to help you overcome certain mental blocks that have been holding you back from specific dreams that you have in your mind that must come true. If you feel like you are getting everything right, but just haven't been able to make a breakthrough on certain dreams that you work so hard for, you may have a mental block deeply rooted in your "subconscious mind" that you aren't even aware of. We recommend using this track and evaluating your result. It's natural, relaxing, and safe... and it could be just the answer you've been looking for.


This track is exclusively FREE for all Clubhouse users, so click the button below, grab some headphones, and try "TIME TO BREAKTHROUGH" today!


*This track includes a subliminal that states, "It's time for you to breakthrough, and you will breakthrough." (Make sure to use headphones)

**IMPORTANT: Do not listen to this track while driving or operating machinery, or if you suffer from epilepsy.

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