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*** Must Wear Headphones For Full Effect ***

Experience your energy elevating in only 30 seconds...

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Stress Relief Booster

Anxiety Relief Booster

Meditation Booster

Short Nap Booster

Creativity Booster

Sports Focus Booster

High Energy Booster

Study Aid Booster

Immunity Booster

Memory Booster

Confidence Tones 8D Booster Tracks Are Here!

10 Tracks Included!

  • 10 Minutes Each

    Designed to be fast-acting and have powerful benefits in as little as 10 minutes.

  • Powerful Isochronic Tones

    Specific isochronic frequencies used for beneficial brainwave entrainment.

  • 8D Sound

    Immersive listening experience designed to stimulate the imagination.

  • Specialized Music

    Designed to invoke positive emotions during your listening experience.