How It Works

Confidence Tones™ uses a proprietary audio development formula called Audiomersion™ that is designed to provide an experience that can help quickly and effortlessly generate positive change in the subconscious mind when used correctly.


On the surface, the Audiomersion™ experience is achieved using 4 primary building blocks:


  • Brainwave modulation
  • Invocation of positive emotions
  • Immersive imagination stimuli
  • Developmental suggestion


All secondary components of Audiomersion™ are built into these 4 primary components. And we don't know of any other source in the world that provides such a synergistic composition.


With a good pair of headphones, you should be able to put yourself into a variety of situations with audio so immersive and so real, you'll feel like you can reach out and touch it... And every situation is designed specifically to help you feel better, do better, and live better.


Below, you'll find a detailed explanation on each of the 4 primary components.



Brainwave Modulation


Did you know that music is all around you? Even now... You can test it. All you have to do is turn on a radio and adjust or "tune" it to a certain frequency, and you'll hear music. Now isn't that interesting... You see, the radio didn't make the music. The radio was simply adjusted to a frequency that was in harmony with the frequency being transmitted through the air. The music was already there. And when the radio matched its frequency, the radio manifested the sound in a way that you could perceive.


If you change the station, the radio matches a different frequency and manifests a different sound. Your brain works in a similar way.


Just like a radio, your brain operates on specific frequencies. These frequencies are commonly known as brainwaves, and they are measured in Hertz (Hz). Over time, scientists have been able to observe a correlation between certain frequencies and our mental states. For example, when we are anxious, our brainwaves have an increased frequency. And when we are relaxed, our brainwaves have a decreased frequency. Our goal with the brainwave modulation component is to help people "change the station" to one that is either in harmony with the feelings they desire, or optimal for positive subconscious reprogramming.


There are 4 different brainwave states that healthy humans experience on a regular basis.


These states include delta state, theta state, alpha state, and beta state. Humans also experience gamma waves at times, but usually not "gamma state." This is because gamma waves rarely, if ever, stand alone. They simply support other states. In other words, gamma waves are typically happening at the same time as either delta, theta, alpha, or beta waves. Below, you'll find some of the characteristics of each state, as described in the medical literature.


Delta State

  • 1-4 Hz
  • Observed with deep dreamless sleep
  • Primary state of an infant (0-2 yrs)


Theta State

  • 4-8 Hz
  • Observed with daydreaming and sleep dreaming
  • Observed with deep meditation and hypnosis
  • Access to subconscious mind with high suggestibility
  • Primary state of a child (2-7 yrs)


Alpha State

  • 8-14 Hz
  • Observed with relaxation or drowsiness
  • Observed during light meditation
  • Associated with improved learning


Beta State

  • 14-40 Hz
  • Observed with higher levels of arousal and alertness
  • Highest levels sometimes associated with anxiety, disease, or fear



Now, here's where things get exciting, and one of the reasons why brainwave modulation is such a vital part of the Audiomersion™ experience.


In 1973, Doctor Gerald Oster wrote an academic paper titled "Auditory Beats In The Brain" explaining his findings that sound could be used to alter brain states. He found that your brain could move into harmony with the frequency that your brain perceived when it "mixed" the sounds that were played into both ears. This became known as "brainwave entrainment." So what does that mean for you...?


It means that if you want to move into an alpha state of relaxation, Confidence Tones™ can help you with that. If you want to move into a delta state of deep restorative sleep, Confidence Tones™ can help you with that, too. As a matter of fact, it can help you with almost anything that would make your life better. But here's what's most powerful... And it's an understanding that can absolutely take you to the next level in your development. 


The reality you live in right now was created by the current programming of your subconscious mind. Science shows that this controls up to 97% of all of your daily activities and outcomes. And if you're unhappy with the way your life is going, or even if you are happy but know your life could be better, you now have an option that was designed to quickly "reprogram" or change it.


With the proprietary brainwave modulation formulas used in Confidence Tones,™ we can help you move into a theta state of deep meditation and extremely high subconscious suggestibility. This means detoxing negativity and trauma from your past and reprogramming positivity into your subconscious mind should now be easier than ever. And FAST!


In fact, a study by Jirakittayakorn and Wongsawat found that a highly suggestible meditative theta state could be achieved in less than 5 minutes using nothing but binaural tones (tones in both ears) at a particular frequency.


NOTE: This technology alone is so powerful, that ill-intentioned people could use it for harm. Be wary of counterfeits available on major online video websites who may use silent subliminals to your harm.


In summary, brainwave modulation (the first primary component of Audiomersion™) can help you either:


  • quickly adjust your mental state to the state you desire
  • quickly access your subconscious mind and make it available for positive reprogramming


Simply put, we can help you open the door to a better, more enjoyable life.



Invocation Of Positive Emotions


Have you ever felt like you wanted to cry or laugh, but you had no idea why? Seems that most people have... But how does this happen? How can we feel a certain way without consciously knowing why? It's because our emotions can operate at an entirely subconscious level.


Science now tells us that our deepest emotions, which we began developing in early childhood, remain active in our subconscious minds throughout adult life. And all of these emotions were assigned meaning by the limbic system (the part of your brain that causes you to react to the world around you). In other words, your deepest emotional experiences "wrote" the programming of your subconscious mind. Your emotions, the ones that you may not even be aware of, could be controlling the way your life is going right now.


Confidence Tones™ uses this powerful primitive system to your advantage. With sounds designed specifically to invoke only deep positive emotions, you'll be able to leverage the power of the limbic system to help "rewrite" the programming of your subconscious mind. In other words, you should be able to redirect your thoughts to the destination of your choice and begin to live a happier more enriched life.


Napoleon Hill, known as the "Father of Personal Success," described the importance of emotion this way:


"The subconscious mind is more susceptible to influence by impulses of thought mixed with 'feeling' or emotion, than by those originating solely in the reasoning  portion of the mind."


We believe that what Hill realized in the early 1900's is finally being revolutionized today with our Audiomersion™ technology.



Immersive Imagination Stimuli


Marianne Cumella Reddan, a graduate student in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at CU Boulder, published a study in 2018 titled, Attenuating Neural Threat Expression with Imagination. In this study, she and her colleagues were observing how imagining a threat affects a person's brain activity. And what they found was astonishing...


Reddan concluded this from her research:


"Statistically, real and imagined exposure to the threat were not different at the whole brain level, and imagination worked just as well."


"If you have a memory that is no longer useful for you or is crippling you, you can use imagination to tap into it, change it and re-consolidate it, updating the way you think about and experience something."


These findings are revolutionary. In simple terms, it means that when you imagine something in your mind, your brain seems to respond in the same way that it would if you experienced the same thing in real life. But it gets better...


Utilizing immersive imagination stimuli by way of 3-dimensional sound, Confidence Tones™ can help you go anywhere and do anything you want. And because it can create the same brain response as actually physically doing it, you can begin to find harmony with the frequency of that reality. This has huge implications.


Albert Einstein explains the power of imagination this way:


"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”


With Confidence Tones™, we take advantage of the laws of physics. We work to help you match the frequency of your deepest desires by stimulating your imagination, so you can begin to manifest everything you've ever wanted in life.



Developmental Suggestion


Correct and healthy developmental suggestion may be the most critical primary component of the Audiomersion™ experience of Confidence Tones™. After all, every other component is simply meant to make this one component work better, work faster, and last longer...


Brainwave modulation can help bring you into a suggestible state better and faster than other methods.


Invocation of positive emotions can help to make the suggestions work faster and last longer.


Immersive Imagination stimulation can help to make the suggestions more real, and in turn, provide a stronger and longer lasting effect.


So you can see, every other component is supplemental to this one. But what is it?


Developmental suggestion is what Confidence Tones™ uses to "suggest" to your subconscious mind ideas and beliefs that are empowering, that can make you better, that can help you "develop" into the person you want to be while living the life you want to live. They use the power of the human voice to guide your mind through exercises designed specifically by expert life coaches and NLP practitioners to help you become better in all areas of your life.


No matter where you believe you can improve, it's almost certain that we provide relaxing mind exercises that are designed to help you in that area. And the best part... It's seems effortless. Don't be confused when we use the word "exercise." Most of our developmental suggestion is designed to bypass conscious thought. So you can just relax and enjoy the benefits.


Each of these components are individually designed to have powerful positive effects. But together, they combine to offer what we believe to be the fastest, most advanced, most powerful, and most effective subconscious reprogramming and manifestation modality ever developed. It can literally bring all of the pieces together.